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Field Sunset

Lando Jonsun

Always a joy to support this new and thriving business.

Jasmine Walker

We had a great time yesterday. Definitely bringing more people with us for the next family reunion .

Barbara White

I tried the barbecue chicken and the peach cobbler. Jammmmmin.

Sherry Jordan

Love the food and the owners.

Simmone Munn

It was sooooooo delicious!!

Jessie Raymer-Weems

It was so amazing, incredible food.

Starla Williams

I had the pleasure of feasting on their food and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious. I'm a foodie, so I can testify to goodness.

Tawona Davis Marshall

The food was amazing!!

Waleed Alim

"After we meet, we eat"
The Prince Hall Masons of Lillard G. Dandridge Lodge No. 99 Santa Clarita would like to thank Mississippi-Georgia Fried for catering our stated meeting dinner. The fried catfish, fried salmon, fries, Mac n' cheese, and corn bread was de-lic-ious! Look forward to them catering more for us in the near future.


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