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About Us

 Mississippi Georgia Fried is a soul food restaurant located in Santa Clarita, California. Despite being thousands of miles away from the Southern states where soul food originated, the restaurant has managed to gain a loyal following and rave reviews from customers.The secret to their success was simple: the recipes were handed down from their grandmother, Mae Lee, who had grown up in Mississippi. Mae Lee had inherited the recipes from her mother, who had in turn inherited them from her mother, and so on, all the way back to the 1930s.One day, Michael G and his wife decided to take the plunge and start their own restaurant. They wanted to create a place that celebrated their love of soul food and honored the traditions of their families. They decided to name their restaurant Mississippi Georgia Fried, after the states where their families had originated.The restaurant has quickly become a local favorite, with people coming from all over Los Angeles County to try the delicious food. Mississippi Georgia Fried has a reputation for having some of the best soul food in town.One of the things that makes Mississippi Georgia Fried special is the atmosphere. Michael had created a space that felt like home, with cozy tents, good music, tables, and chairs. The Pop-ups feel like a family reunion, giving the restaurant a sense of love and tradition.The restaurant will continue to thrive. Mississippi Georgia Fried has something that others don't: a connection to their past and a commitment to preserving their family's legacy."Our secret ingredient is always Love. We are honored that when it comes to food, you thought of Mississippi-Georgia Fried."

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